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“Ex locum” is the Latin term for “Out of place.” This website is for anyone who has ever felt or feels as though they are on the outside looking in. We all have moments where we feel like no one can understand what we’re going through. This is a place to celebrate those moments because they help shape us into the extraordinarily interesting people we are meant to become. As artists we have a unique opportunity to connect with a community of people who understand the struggles we face every day. The endless hours spent wondering if we’ll ever be good enough, drinking countless cups of coffee to stay awake during rehearsals, or getting writers block before finishing the last verse of a song. Its our job to support those who are feeling lost in this “concrete jungle where dreams are made of ,” so that the great moments can feel even more unbelievably fantastic. The moment you finish your first short film, absolutely nailing a turn sequence you practiced for what felt like years, or when the first show you ever directed gets a standing ovation. Moments like that help you remember that it’s all worth it. This website is to help remind you that as an artist there is no such thing as loneliness because we are all right there with you whether your feeling as confident as Kanye or as lost as Sharpay when she didn’t get the lead in High School Musical. So cheers to celebrating your wildness and originality because even if you feel out of place there surely will be a place for you here.


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