The first time I met Taylor (Taylor Nirvana Jones), I knew she was put on this earth to bring joy to others. It’s been six years and nothing has changed. During 2013, Love Jones Girlz – a girl band that Taylor has been a part of ever...

Jason Wilks

Jason Wilks

Jason is one of the most dedicated and driven actors I’ve ever met. He is constantly looking to learn more about Shakespeare, the industry, playwrights, and monologues. It is a pleasure to see his talent shinning every single day as he...


Will Callahan

Will Callahan is a kind, exuberant and extremely gifted performer. I’ve known him since middle school – he was a year older – and even then his talent was intimidatingly prominent. He’s been in every show or concert our...


Jacob Wade

Jacob Wade is a gifted actor and screenwriter. I’ve known him since 8th grade and during those years his talent has never ceased to amaze me, whether he’s playing Nick Bottom from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, or...


Vikki Eugenis

Vikki is an extremely intelligent and passionate actress/activist. She has been in the play “SLUT:The Play” that toured nationwide, and she uses her acting as a tool to fight for the rights of others and talk about important conflicts...


Tia Cassmira

Tia is a vibrant comedian and an extremely warm person. She has played countless comedic roles in plays at PPAS, and has done her own stand-up comedy skit at the school talent show. Watch the video to see more!!!


Sam Kaufman

Sam is an actor. He is an extremely genuine, modest and warm person, and he is always excited to help out in any creative endeavor. Sam was in “That’s My Boy” starring Adam Sandler. Watch the video to learn more!

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