Age: 17 & 18 School: Edward R. Murrow High School Location: NYC

Swag Team reached out to me last week over a cordial email. Within a couple days, we were able to set up an interview in Columbus Circle, and although it rained buckets, we had a wonderful time! A few words about who they are from member, Everton:

“Swag Team is young group of artists focused on creating music and a style that embodies what it is to be a young person in America. We love making music that everyone can enjoy and show our creative skills while doing it. We as a group put together sounds that show our struggle, happiness and more. We just want to spread the love and appreciation with our music to our fans and the rest of the world. With the help of Linda we are able to book studio sessions, stay organized, and have great visual locations, as you can see in our Latest video “Last Identity”.”


Come to Swag Team show on April 23rd, Direct Message them on Instagram @therealswagteam and be sure to follow!

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