Trevor Cross (1)

A Million Ways

I’ve always felt more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. When I was younger, my grandmother would buy me disposable cameras and I would take pictures of everything in sight. I got my first DSLR camera in 2014, when I signed up...


Mark Robertson

Mark is a creative and well-spoken individual, constantly reimagining New York City with his photographs. In his own words : “My name is Mark Robertson also known as Markthecraft. I’m a 17 year old medical science student at Midwood High...


Brigid Connelly

I first heard about Brigid because of her writing talent, but lately I was asked to look at her film photographs. It is remarkable what a brilliant artist she is! Upon first glance at her portraits, one is able to see that she uses her camera to...


Amanda Whiteley

Amanda Whiteley is an incredible photographer. I met her a year ago in England – where we were both studying acting – and it was then that I began to see just how uniquely talented she was not only as an actress but also as photographic...



Stasia is a gifted photographer. A resounding theme throughout her art is the idea of raw beauty, beauty that is not perfected, beauty that is caught at a moment of candor.

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