Visual Artists

Xavier Petromelis - Interview for EX LOCUM

Xavier Petromelis

Xavier is a funny and extremely talented artist! He specializes in a variety of artistic forms but loves drawing the most! I met him three weeks ago when I started attending drawing summer intensive at the Cooper Union where he was TA-ing. He was so...


Emma Ike

Emma is a jubilant and ridiculously cheerful artist. I met her at a pre-college drawing program we are both taking at the Cooper Union this summer. During the first couple days a lot of us kept to ourselves, quietly drawing and observing others. I...

Briellw Webb - Interview for EXLOCUM

Brielle Webb

Brielle is an intelligent and extremely deep-thinking artist. While being an actress, she also makes collages that explore “The Human Condition”. Watch the video to learn more! Brielle’s collages Brielle’s Social Links Share...


Michael Lee

Michael Lee is an intriguing visual artist who works with various mediums from paper to digital. He has strong opinions on a variety of subjects including Uniqlo prints, pop art, and the Metropolitan Museum. Watch the video to learn more!  ...


Yvan Maslennikov

Yvan is an “almost psychedelic” artist. While being incredibly well-spoken, he shared his opinions on art, artists, and artistic techniques! Watch the video to learn more!

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