The Artist’s Dilemma

The Artist’s dilemma,
A neat little rhyme,
“I must do it perfectly, just right, every time!”
But see, that’s the problem!
With that thought in mind
Each tiny mistake is a bomb, every time
Cause nobody’s perfect,
It’s sad but it’s true.
Don’t hold yourself to that dumb standard set by you!
Because there’s a statement, that might be quite gritty:
Sometimes when you write, the story will sound real shitty
Sometimes when you act, you’ll forget all your stuff
Sometimes when you dance, you might fall, and that’s tough.
But the best feeling in life, past the falls and the hell,
Is that time when you do it like Mozart himself,
You’ll get it, and rock it, and feel like a master
At least, until the next time’s a disaster.
But mistakes are made to learn from, you face them and grin,
Cause the amount of mistakes will decrease, become slim.
So when you see thunder booming in the sky,
Buck up, little buddy, just spread your wings and fly.

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