decorated in Putrefaction –
the Soldiers surround –
sacrificial flames.

the Green Inferno besieges them.
wearing its Burial Garb –
Adorned – with blinking –
mechanized fireflies –

Steel beetles –
Hurtle through the air –
colliding – with the gossamer screens
of his cornea,
Biting – Forcing –
apart the eggshells of his pupil,
the Horrors –
that He had Hatched,

Hitting – missing,
bullets hissing,
Blood Pissing –
From the Stigmas on His body.

Napalm cruises
Through – curves,
grooves of the – Lincoln tunnels
in his body –
Influxing – onto the
woven canvas of his jacket,

Drop by drop –
sprinting away – from His
Legions of Lesions –
down his holy Hands and past
the Trigger of his –
“Commie Cleanser”

Droplets of Liquified Zippos –
burn through the Jungle –
Descending and falling,
burning the dirt –
boring – Itself into
the crust of the earth –

scorching –
Cauterizing – the arteries of the World –
Free falling – past the Bloodied Mantle –
one that No Man could bear to wear.
accelerating for the Impact –
with the Merovingian molecules,
at the Globes Epicenter.

Initiating The Autosarcophagy.


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