Erik Petersen

Age: 18 School: Fordham University Location: Manhattan

Erik is a committed director with a unique vision and a powerful voice. Ever since I met him back in BADA, he’d talk about his experiences directing shows. His Macbeth was always being brought up. He told me stories about this production with such nostalgia and passion that I almost felt like it was happening in front of my eyes! He also shared some funny and unconventional ways they came up with to solve problems, and how he learned to put shows together.

One day last summer, I sat with him and Amanda and watched with admiration as he gave acting notes to Amanda while she was performing a monologue. Every note he gave was powerful and effective. That was the moment I truly saw the director he was. Watch the video to learn more! AND CHECK OUT THESE AMAZING PICTURES OF MACBETH BY IVAN BODEN PHOTOGRAPHY BELOW


Hecates Pose

Sleepy Guards Better

Witches escape transition



Natural Lighting Lady M


Body Pile

Each corporal agent


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