Yvan Maslennikov

Age: 17 School: Browning Location: Manhattan

Yvan is an “almost psychedelic” artist. While being incredibly well-spoken, he shared his opinions on art, artists, and artistic techniques! Watch the video to learn more! :)

Bike gloves 2015 YAM #art #acrylic #bikegloves #painting #YAM

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Psychedelic Macbeth in the making #YAM #2015 #art #acrylic #eyes #acid #lsd #hand #dagger

A photo posted by Yvan Maslennikov (@vanya_westside) on


Study of a drape #study #drape #pencilonly #art #graphite

A photo posted by Yvan Maslennikov (@vanya_westside) on

Online: cargocollective.com/YAM


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  1. Alessandra
    Sep 03, 2015 - 02:05 AM

    I am a big fan. I’ve seen his work and it is full of depth. Love the way Yvan plays with color. You can tell he’s the type of artist who just sits for hours mixing paints, experimenting with the personality and sensation each color brings to one of his masterpieces. Bravo!! Everyone must check him out. I think his is a name we will be seeing in the art world as he progresses.


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