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One Acts

Act One of One Acts

On December 1st, Barrington Walters and I got the chance to see Laguardia High School’s Drama K One Acts. Filled to the brim with talent, twenty-or-so senior Drama majors performed in numerous one acts ranging from “The Actors Nightmare” (by...

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EX LOCUM is an international youth-run organization with the primary goal of helping young artists worldwide to connect and get the recognition they deserve! Since launch in the Spring of 2015, EX LOCUM has expanded into six countries, across three...

Ana Krutchinsky

Q&A with Ana Krutchinsky (EX LOCUM FOUNDER)

Hi, I’m Ana Krutchinsky, founder of Since the launch of the website almost three months ago, I’ve been getting questions from you guys, and just wanted to answer most frequent ones in this self-interview More recent...

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