It’s Kind of a Funny Story

I’m sipping away at my morning coffee forcing myself to stay awake after a long night of monotonously staring at my computer screen as I scrambled to finish my college apps. I’m at my favorite coffee shop – Frisson Espresso. It’s one of those places that does latte art, but isn’t pretentious about it. Unlike majority of bitter Starbucks barista’s they make you smile from ear to ear in the morn’. My friends and I often equate it to “Central Perk.” As I’m sitting there, I overhear the barista talking about how he is on the hunt for a new resident artist. The work displayed at Frisson is always quite darling, but suddenly it all clicks. Ana Krutchinsky, Exlocum founder and one of my dearest friends, would be more than perfect for the position. She had just finished a series of paintings portraying the Seven Deadly Sins. I texted her at the speed of light. Long story short: you can now catch two of her glorious paintings hanging front and center at Frisson! She’s already received multiple offers from potential buyers so hurry fast! Drop everything! Literally run! This is not a drill!

Moral of the story is that connections are important. Things happen when you least expect them so be kind to all, even the folks who make your morning coffee.

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