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EX LOCUM is an international youth-run organization with the primary goal of helping young artists worldwide to connect and get the recognition they deserve! Since launch in the Spring of 2015, EX LOCUM has expanded into six countries, across three continents and gained thousands of supporters worldwide!

So if you are a young artist, actor, filmmaker, musician, dancer, writer or simply love the arts and want to support artists in their journey, join us today!!!


We are also looking to add to our fantastic team, a few creative, dynamic, diplomatic & genuinely supportive individuals who are able to effectively communicate ideas, stay cool under pressure and help us build and maintain relationships with young artists and newsmakers around the world!

Online community organizers (at both national and international levels) AND established bloggers!

Big things are coming in 2016! Partnerships are being formed and a huge “Celebration of the Arts” event for artists showcased on EX LOCUM is being planned for 2016 in NYC!!!

To get involved, message us ASAP!





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