Squidnice contacted me a couple weeks ago asking to meet and conduct an interview. I happily accepted and we set a date. When I first met Squidnice, in person, it was clear that he was an original, open, and optimistic artist. An artist who knew...


Jet Commander

Jet Commander is an exceptional rapper. I met him the night he performed in a concert. He was warm and charismatic, going around and thanking everybody for coming. Despite his supreme talent when it comes to rapping, he considers it as more of a...


Mara Uriah

Mara Uriah is a very confident and thoughtful musician. In this interview he shares his opinions on the music world, and tells us the story behind “Highline”. Watch the video to learn more!   Mara’s Social Links Share...


Beijing Bandit

Beijing Bandit is a rapper, producer, and writer. He is an incredibly charismatic character who decided to become a rapper after he went to China. Watch his video to learn more!


Imperial Chambers

Imperial Chambers is a producer, director, actor, and rapper. He recently released an album "Ballads of a Hundredaire" and was in the movie "Run All Night" with Liam Neeson.

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