Xavier Petromelis

Age: 21 School: The Cooper Union Location: Brooklyn

Xavier is a funny and extremely talented artist! He specializes in a variety of artistic forms but loves drawing the most! I met him three weeks ago when I started attending drawing summer intensive at the Cooper Union where he was TA-ing. He was so incredibly warm and welcoming that eventually we all grew comfortable at the program. A couple days in, he showed us his art, and his sketchbook and it became clear how amazingly talented he was as an artist! He has a very distinct style and unique vision. Watch the video to learn more about Xavier and what it’s like to study at Cooper! :)

(Advanced apologies for the video quality, my camera was misbehaving…)

Xavier’s recent art:

A photo posted by Xavier (@havier666) on

Alternate versions of stuff

A photo posted by Xavier (@havier666) on

Cruise control 32" x 48"

A photo posted by Xavier (@havier666) on

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