Brigid Connelly

Age: 19 Location: Brooklyn

I first heard about Brigid because of her writing talent, but lately I was asked to look at her film photographs. It is remarkable what a brilliant artist she is! Upon first glance at her portraits, one is able to see that she uses her camera to interlace “in the minute” facial expressions or poses of her subjects with a deeper perception of who they are as people. At least that’s how I see it :) The faded “dagguerreotype-ish” feel of her photographs makes them seem eternal, relevant to any time period. An interesting thing she mentions in her interview, is that she enjoys people seeing the photos she’s taken of them and then getting a better idea of how she sees them. I think that’s quite a perfect way to sum up what art is. It’s all about taking the world around you and filtering it through yourself, in this case, through Brigid’s camera lens. Watch the video to learn more! :)




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