Carly Greenfield

HEAD OF THE UK DIVISION OF EXLOCUM Originally from the suburbs of Washington, D.C., I am now a first year student at King’s College London studying International Relations. Make no mistake, though, art is extremely central to my life. Whether that is writing, acting, directing, or the like, the theater and the magic that goes on inside it is my happy place. I also enjoy obnoxious things like super aesthetically pleasing coffee shops. My utopia would be a place where art is literally everywhere— across the globe, in your face, and as earnest and honest as possible. First step: making that leap across the pond.



Shoreditch: Why do we avoid something the moment it becomes well-known? It is an interesting phenomenon to watch the youth community and the art community converge. There are Internet phenomenons...

Russell Square

Russell Square

There are many plants in the square. Ferns. I wish I knew all their names. I think it would make me feel more at home here. I would walk through the gates and say hello to the different families of...

Trust Your Art

“Ex Locum”

Ex Locum: Latin for “out of place.” Ex Patria: Latin for “out of country, or fatherland.” I am an expat, or, if I am not one yet, I will be considered one in the coming years. I am...

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